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Today we’re talking about a revolutionary bike powered by tungsten gears. The name is Chainless and it’s available on Kickstarter. It’s fully adjustable, light and compact, perfect for all of you that are sick of bicycle chain maintenance.

Let us start with Chainless’ construction. First of all, this unique bicycle features a super light frame crafted out of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy. The same material was used for the handlebar that just like other bicycles, can be adjusted for height. The handle features ergonomic rubber grips for an easier ride and comfort.

two images of Chainless bike

Chainless is a fully adjustable bike that is powered by tungsten gears.

Of course, the frame is not the only light part of the design. The tires are in fact made from a high-density magnesium alloy that’s very strong and increases performance. Depending on your needs, you can get wheels in three sizes- 20-inch, 24-inch, and 26-inch. More features include front and rear disc brakes, aluminum alloy pedals and a comfortable cushioned foam seat fully adjustable in just a few seconds.

a detail on Chainless bike

It’s light, portable and easy to ride.

A series of tungsten gears are designed to replace the typical chain and this has several benefits. The chain won’t break, your shoelace can’t get caught and you don’t need to maintain it. We shouldn’t forget the size of this bicycle that allows it to be easily packed into the trunk of your car. Also, there’s the S1F model that is foldable and takes up half the space.

a guy riding a black Chainless bicycle

You can also get a foldable model.

Chainless has a few more features worth of mention- polypropylene plastic fender, sprocket wheels that allow you to paddle backward and the Lock-N-Go mechanism that takes only 5 seconds to get your bike ready. Finally, it weighs only 25 lbs and is available in several colors.

Pre-order it from Kickstarter here.

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