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If you love to spend time on beaches either partying or just chilling, then you know all too well just how annoying sand and grit can be if it gets into your stuff, especially into your towel. Luckily, you can now forget all about that pesky beach sand because CGear has made something wonderful. CGear’s Sand-Free Multimat is just what the name says, a mat incapable of being ruined by sand in any way possible. You can even deliberately try, but you will fail. That’s how well-made this mulitmat is. Its secret lies in the patented mesh structure, as it allows sand and grit to seep through the mat and remain beneath it.

Features of the CGear Sand-Free Multimat

CGear Sand-Free Multimat

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat is perfect for chilling at the beach and camping trips

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat is made from a 2 layer, dual weave polyethylene mesh which is what makes it so special. This structure is the main reason behind its porous properties and the ability to simply let sand go through. As for the bottom side, it will not let sand come back up, it’s only a one way trip for it. This structure has other benefits as well. In case you rip this mat even slightly, which will be very difficult, the mesh will not continue to rip any further as the structure prevents this from happening.

CGear Sand-Free Multimat structure

The two layer, dual weave polyethylene mesh is the secret behind this mat’s features

The edges were covered with reinforced banding so that rips don’t occur on its ends and corners. This makes the Sand-Free Multimat perfect for camping areas on riverbanks, beaches and anywhere sand and dirt might spoil your fun. This mat can also be used as a sun shade, as the material prevents sun rays from passing through it.

The Original Purpose of the CGear Sand-Free Multimat

CGear Sand-Free Multimat

Because it’s durable and equipped with D-rings, you can pit it down to the ground to prevent wind from lifting it

Originally, this mat was made as a piece of military-grade equipment used for makeshift helipads in the field. When a helicopter commences landing somewhere without a proper helipad, this mat would be placed in order to prevent rotor wash from occurring. Rotor wash occurs when the helicopter rotors push air downwards into the ground and lift dust, dirt and grit into the air.

CGear Sand-Free Multimat

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat was originally designed for military use

One of the reasons the CGear Sand-Free Multimat is equipped with D-rings that allows you to pin it down to the ground. If it was designed to stay in place after a helicopter lands on it, it will definitely be stable enough to withstand a gust of wind at the beach.

The CGear Sand-Free Multimat is available in two color combinations: blue/lime and orange/tan. The level of utility offered by this simple mat is astounding and this is what makes the Sand-Free Multimat worth having.

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