CBD Pills | The 5 Best CBD Capsules of 2020

If there is one way to take CBD capsules that most people would consider the easiest, it would have to be CBD capsules.

CBD capsules are cheap, easy to use, and incredibly discreet, allowing you the ability to quickly enjoy your CBD dosage while on the go.

However, with so many excellent qualities comes a vast range of diverse options. All these CBD capsules choices make it almost impossible to find the very best CBD capsules on the market.

Here is a brief guide for the five best CBD capsules in 2020, to help make the decision easier.

#1: PureKana CBD Capsules 25mg

PureKana is one of those brands that everyone knows and loves, but that doesn’t stop it from still being one of the very best when it comes to CBD products.

Entirely American made, PureKana products are transparent in their creation and excellent quality, coming complete with lab reports that detail everything you need to know.

Completely organic, PureKana’s CBD softgel capsules contain 25mg of CBD, making them easy to swallow and ideal for a daily dose.

For trustworthy CBD, there really is no better option than PureKana.

#2: Premium Jane Capsules 25mg

Another well-loved company that has managed to stand the test of time, Premium Jane’s CBD capsules are quite similar to those offered by PureKana.

These capsules are another softgel option containing 25mg, but the thing about this option is its surprising longevity. While they contain the same amount of CBD as many similar products, people find that CBD capsules from Premium Jane simply last longer than other brands.

Unfortunately, Premium Jane is so popular that you often cannot find the exact product you are looking for because they quickly sell out. Thankfully, Premium Jane is gradually increasing production and expanding the business, so look forward to finding more Premium Jane products on offer soon.

#3: CBD Essence 35mg

This is the first option on the list that contains more than 25mg, which will naturally make it a bit more expensive. However, CBD Essence still manages to make it affordable, thanks to the different sizing options. Instead of just the standard 30 capsule bottle size, you get different options all the way up to 120 capsules, allowing you complete choice in what you buy.

Like others on this list, CBD Essence’s CBD capsules are made from organically produced hemp plants and are made using coconut oil to help provide a smooth texture to their tablets.

#4: Joy Organics CBD Capsules

Joy Organics is one of those CBD brands that doesn’t have a large variety of options. That doesn’t mean that the limited options aren’t excellent choices, though. Made from CBD isolate, Joy Organics’ CBD capsules can be bought in either 10mg or 25mg versions, including additions like curcumin to help promote better joint health.

Joy Organics’ key element is its highly advertised nanoemulsion technology, which supposedly helps the CBD to assimilate better into the body.

Regardless of the effectiveness of this technology, Joy Organics’ CBD capsules are the real deal, containing plenty of practical and useful CBD in a handy softgel tablet.

#5: Elixinol

Finishing our list is Elixinol, one of the original CBD brands based out of Colorado.

Elixinol’s CBD capsules are a bit different from the other options here because the brand filters its products based on desired effects. There is an absorbing ‘Daily Balance’ formula of CBD capsules, which contain a unique proprietary blend of terpenes and natural ingredients to encourage better bodily health.

For the indecisive, there is the CBD Capsule Trial Set, which allows you to try a smaller quantity of all the CBD capsule formulas at once. This lets you really get into the brand and make a choice that is right for your needs.

Final Thoughts on the 5 Best CBD Capsules of 2020

There are so many different CBD capsule brands out there these days that making the right choice feels impossible. While so many different options will certainly get you what you need, the fact remains that it is daunting trying to make a choice when there are so many to choose from.

For more info on these CBD brands, and indeed a myriad of other options, make sure to do plenty of research on sites like WayofLeaf. Even if you are sure you have found the very best CBD brand for your needs, it is always a good idea to keep an eye out and keep researching.

You never know when the perfect brand might be just around the corner!

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