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Leather Passport Wallet | By Danny P


How many of you own a wallet specifically for traveling? Not many people I bet. Danny P. who we’ve featured before for their leather wallet with iPhone case have designed a beautiful passport wallet specifically with travelers in mind. Danny P. has done a really good job designing this bi-fold style passport wallet, first off it’s …

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Screwed Up? Jebiga! – Here’s 5 Gifts To Help Say Sorry

Let’s pay homage for once to Jebiga! For all of you with your eyebrows raised wondering what the F*ck we’re talking about, take a look here. Today we’ve decided to bring you a feature on yes, you guessed it…. Jebiga. The word ‘Jebiga’ which is pronounced ‘yebi gaa’ is a commonly used slang in the …

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BomBoard – Portable Action Watercraft | By John West


If you’re in constant search for action and adventure, you’ll love the BomBoard, the world’s first portable action watercraft with a powerful 450cc engine. This one of a kind modular, high-performance, low-weight personal watercraft is about to make a big commotion in the water sports arena. A price tag of only $3,995 allows everyone to …

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Ok, this doesn’t really work yet, but the idea is so amazing that we had to show it to you. The Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator was one of the entries at the Electrolux yearly competition where people present new ideas. A few years back the idea was to redesign common kitchen appliances and make them …

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