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Considering a Gap Year? Here Are 3 Gap Year Tips Ways to Make it Worthwhile

Between excelling in the classroom, lettering in a varsity sport and performing well on the SATs, you’ve worked hard and done your part to land that coveted college acceptance letter. But now that high school graduation is seemingly right around the corner, reality may be setting in and leaving you unsure about your future. Doubts …

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11 Cozy Cabins For The Perfect Forest Getaway

Today we’re gathering cozy cabins in the woods that you can either buy or rent. They are all about the retreat, exploration and getting in touch with nature. Check them out. 1 – Ark Shelter Cabins Ark Shelter is a company that creates cabins that are environment-friendly since they have little impact on the surrounding …

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Design Hotels: Off The Coasts of Portugal & Africa

I’ve you haven’t heard of Design Hotels, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Starwood Group. Starwood Hotels have held shares, since 2011, in Design Hotels and have recently, within the last 2 years, included the hotel group as it’s 11th brand within its profile. What does this mean exactly? Being a part of the SPG …

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Best Rooftop Terraces in Barcelona

Summer is on its way, so for most of you, that means vacation time! Yippie! Ditch those closed shoes, long sleeves and put on the sandals, shorts, sunglasses and head out for a drink and view at one of Barcelona’s best rooftop terraces the next time you’re in the city. Known as a city of …

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Depart | A Photography, Travel And Adventure Book


Depart is a book created by Sizoo Brothers and several other friends. It represents a photography, travel and adventure book and is an inspirational piece of art that should definitely become an addition to your coffee table collection. The book features 250 pages of 40 different destinations. Inside, you’ll find over 300 photographs, especially interesting to those who …

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Native Campervans | Vanlife Adventure Tours

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If you’re planning a getaway, what better to do than to drive around in a campervan, explore and have a comfy place to stay at. But owning one is not actually the cheapest option and if you’re not using it often for camping, it will just sit in your garage. This is why Native Campervans, …

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Moss Hotel In Iceland Opens This Fall

Situated in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland stands the Moss Hotel. It’s surrounded by magnificent volcanic frontiers, built into the 1226 lava flow that’s covered in moss. This hotel not only integrates nature and architecture but respects the environment and incorporates sustainable energy. It will open this fall. Moss Hotel will offer 62 rooms and suites for …

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One Year On A Bike | From Amsterdam to Singapore


We’ve all had those moments; the stress is getting too much, you feel empty, the rat race just seems to be endless. You then get the idea of just packing up and leaving; just dropping everything and doing something extraordinary. Most of the time, these are fleeting thoughts that we never truly act upon, but …

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