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Levitation – Concept Bike by DEzien – Bike with Charging Capabilities

This strange looking machine is a concept bicycle called Levitation by the design agency DEzien. So far, only images have been released, but it has already drawn loads of attention. Design is not the only reason why the DEzien’s Levitation bike is put into the spotlight. Apparently, it can charge your gadgets. The Levitation bike …

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Technical advancements brought us various ways of controlling the gadgets we use every day, but most of those innovations were inspired by sheer functionality and utilitarity. The designer of the RAFL Wireless speakers moved one step forward. The idea behind RAFL was based on a candy jar and the movement you employ while picking a …

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Solar Powered Socket | By Kyuho Song & Boa Oh

We all know energy should be free and distributed in an environmentally-friendly way as it is actually all around us, but until Kyuho Song & Boa Oh came along with their brilliant and groundbreaking design it was all on the level of speculation. Yes, we have seen countless models of solar batteries and adapters for …

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