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Designer Dave Hakkens is the mastermind behind the Phoneblocks – a modular, customizable phone. This is most definitely one of the best ideas regarding smartphones since their emergence. Let’s see what all the fuss is about. Dave Hakkens’s starting point was the fact that our fragile phones today often get broken and tossed away but …

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It was about time for somebody to come up with an idea of how to provide an instant connection between a camera and social media. Queue the Q Camera! This “first ever social camera” (to quote its designers), enables you to immediately upload every photo you take to a social medium of your choice via …

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The SolarMonkey Adventurer is a new product by Powertraveller. So, if you are a person with a developed adventurer’s spirit, and addicted to new technologies at the same time, this little gadget surely is a must-have for you. The SolarMonkey Adventurer is a portable charger powered by solar energy, collected with the help of 2 …

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When it comes to cooking, GoSun Solar Cooker is pretty close to being the ultimate tool. You do not need any kind of burning fuel, it costs just $179 on their Kickstarter page and, as the headline says, it can heat up the food up to 550° F fairly quickly. In addition, you do not …

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Mine Kafon – A Minefield Sweeper by Massoud Hassani

We rarely feature products that are literally life-saving, and usually refrain from giving you gruesome statistics, but here is something that very few people are aware of. Did you know that there are 110 million active landmines in 70 countries all over the world (one landmine for every 17 children or 52 adults in the …

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Structure Sensor | World’s First 3D Scanner for iPad

World’s first 3D Scanner for iPad – the Structure Sensor by Occipital topped the fundraising goal of $100,000 in only 24 hours on Kickstarter. It’s well known that people nowadays are very passionate about new technologies, but this much? Let’s see what’s so interesting about this gadget. Occipital’s idea was to create a gadget with …

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Smartphone cameras have been developing quickly, but Sony, being very active in the field, chose to push the boundaries creating QX Series attachable lens-style camera that easily transforms your phone into a real camera. The base model, called DSC-QX10 costs $250 and it features a 1/2.3″ 18.2MP sensor, an f/3.3 Sony G lens embellished using …

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The PG65U LG portable LED projector is a great piece of technology that combines utmost practicality and nostalgic retro design. It resembles a camera from the middle of the previous century, but it gives numerous modern possibilities. With the dimensions of 2.4 x 4.9 x 4.9 inches and weight of 1.2 pounds, the LG Portable …

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Tûranor PlanetSolar – World’s Largest Solar Powered Ship

Is it really possible to have a completely green water transport? The Tûranor PlanetSolar seems to be the answer. It successfully completed a journey that lasted three months and that was started by Martin Beniston, a climatologist from the University of Geneva and his team of scientists that set off on a mission to gather …

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If you are really not up to spending upwards of $1,400 for a waterproof camera case (yes, the quality ones cost that much), and would regret not taking hilarious, silly, or National Geographic-style underwater photograph or two on your holiday, consider OUTEX SLR Camera Drysuit. Yes, a drysuit for your camera! OUTEX hermetically seals SLR …

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