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There are many ways to keep yourself protected from mosquito bites, but none of them is as effective as Kite patch. This patch comes in various colors, such as red, white, purple, blue and yellow, so you can easily match it with your clothes, backpack, bicycle or any place where you want it to be. …

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Ceramic Speaker for Smartphones by Victor Johansson (VIDEO)

Victor Johansson has designed this amazing ceramic smartphone speaker that stylishly combines practicality and design. The designer said that the idea came from a key bowl – a place to keep your keys when you get home, so that you don’t have to look for them on your way out. The only difference is that …

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By definition, kinetic art is art from any medium that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or depends on motion for its effect. Today, this term is used to describe three-dimensional sculptures that usually move unassisted or are powered by a motor. Dutch artist Theo Jansen’s awe-inspiring work comes under the first category. He describes …

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Is a solar powered laptop really possible? WeWi, a Canadian telecommunications company and the developers of SOL say it is. SOL, a solar powered laptop, seems to be perfect for the people who need to work on their computers away from the electric power sources. Having this in mind, the manufacturer built the laptop using rugged materials that …

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Bonny Plant Lamp – A Solar Powered Plant Lamp by Chun Jiang Yao

One might wonder what is the point of having a plant-incorporated lamp in your home, but as Chun Jiang Yao, who designed the Bonny Plant Lamp (known also as the Fresh Lamp) for Yanko Design, puts it – “The Fresh Lamp is a nice way to integrate lamps, plant care and unique décor”. After all, …

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Warm Tech Bottle – A Hand Powered Warming Thermos

Warm Tech Bottle is a thermos that does not depend on electricity from a wall plug, but still works like a charm was created by Yu-Chiu, Cheng-Yu Li, Yu-Hsien Lin and Kai-Cheng Chang from the Tainan University of Technology in Taiwan. It is a result of the work these young designers invested in a project …

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Alternative energy sources are not a new thing when it comes to products from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and their 2008 H2GO, a small water-powered toy car, was a great idea. Moving further in the same direction, they presented its successor, the i-H2GO. It might easily be the beginning of hydrogen-powered cars. Hydrogen is a …

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‘The Pet Plant’ Digital Pot by Junyi Heo

Trust the Japanese to come up with a 21st century hi-tech solution for the people who are inapt at keeping plants healthy and making them grow. If you have never had a green thumb but would love to have plants to enliven your place of residence, have a look at a device called the Digital …

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Have the designers from XD Design gotten closer to solving mobile phone battery limitation problems by developing a Window Solar Phone Charger? Mobile devices have become an everyday occurrence. Their possibilities and significance have been growing daily and it’s not likely to stop any time soon. However, the biggest problem with these devices is the fact …

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Electrolux Design Lab’s Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

If you have roommates with eating habits or hygiene standards very different to yours, or if you are fed up with them leaving moldy leftovers in the fridge, or if you cannot agree with your flatmates whose turn it is to clean the fridge out, spare a thought for the Flatshare Fridge, a concept developed …

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