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Kindle Paperwhite has been one of the best e-readers out there, but the Kindle Paperwhite 2 moves the boundaries even further. Now, when something is perfect, there is usually no need to tamper with it and Kindle Paperwhite was considered pretty perfect, what with its long lasting battery, Wi-Fi and 3G, taking and sharing notes, …

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your warm relaxing shower was accompanied by the sound of soothing music in the background, making you feel like you were in a five-star hotel? If you don’t want to be entertained by your own echoing voice in the shower any longer, consider having Moxie Showerhead and Wireless Speaker installed. …

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iLand Everywhere Portable Solar Generator System


Just the words ‘portable solar generator’ tell you that this thing is very useful, but iLand Everywhere is a truly special product. It gathers solar energy even when the weather is cloudy or rainy, which is usually an insurmountable obstacle for such products. iLand Everywhere is not a name chosen by accident. Apart from being …

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The Dino Pet | Bioluminescent Dinosaur Pet

The Dino Pet was created by Yonder Biology and it is intended to be a teaching tool that will introduce children to biology. It is a clear, dinosaur shaped toy made of plastic and packed with bioluminescent algae which are known to glow in the dark, providing a great visual effect. The name Dino Pet …

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Simon Frambach is a German product designer and Soft Light is not the first of his products that can be used for illumination, but it is definitely unique and conspicuous. This soft, pumpkin shaped product gives off soft light, but its nature lets it be used as a crevice filling device, or a simple pillow. …

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Origami – Samsung Foldable Cardboard Laser Printer

Inspiration often comes unexpectedly and from the strangest of places. Principle designer at Samsung, Seungwook Jeong was at a donut shop, observing how donuts are packaged when he realized that he could use the same concept in his line of work. Jeong asked himself: “What if we put the engine of the printer into a …

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MIT SOFT Rockers | Solar Powered Charging Station & Rocking Chair

MIT SOFT Rockers have it all. With them you can enjoy a quiet time out in the open, but still take pleasure in the benefits of technology, as well as enjoy the unusual design that is sure to draw attention. Ok, so what is the MIT SOFT Rocker? It’s a  solar powered charging station and …

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a stand for your iPad because its case doesn’t do the trick? What if this stand also doubled as a loudspeaker? They say that many great ideas are born out of frustration, and this couldn’t be more true in the case of a promising young product designer Sanjeet Das …

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‘Stack’ | Trayless Inkjet printer by Mugi Yamamoto

Is it possible to invent an inkjet printer without the paper tray? If you asked this a Japanese industrial designer Mugi Yamamoto, he would tell you: “Definitely so!” It was Yamamoto who came up with this concept which was also his university graduation project (He graduated industrial design from the famous Ecole Cantonale d’Art de …

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With so many kinds of headphones on the market, sometimes it’s very hard to choose, but, if you are a lady, who likes to look sophisticated and elegant, while enjoying the good music, than the Molami Twine headphones are just the right ones for you. The Molami Twine headphones are created by industrial designer Maria …

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