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Volcano Humidifier by Hun-jung Choi and Dae-hoo Kim of Coway

Who says that a humidifier needs to be inconspicuous? Most of them are, but the Volcano Humidifier is everything but. It was created by Hun-jung Choi and Dae-hoo Kim of Coway and they have done such a good job that, whatever aspect of this product you take into account, you will be hard pressed to …

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So, you want to control who can enter your apartment but you are not actually in the apartment? No problem. Renowned designer Yves Behar and technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson have devised August Smart Lock, a keyless access system which allows you to send a virtual key to your home to anyone you please. All you …

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I can’t actually believe that no one thought of this before. The ENERGI+ BACKPACK, created by TYLT, is the backpack we have all been waiting for. Apart from being a perfectly good backpack made of high quality ballistic nylon, having more than 1,450 cubic inches of internal space and 13 pockets and also standing straight …

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Fancy a change from boring designer headphones? Anders Stai Fougner, an imaginative 19-year-old student from Oslo, Norway, has designed and developed a really quirky set of wooden headphones called Wood.Head.Phones which are custom fitted and handmade in Norway. These striking and unconventional headphones are rectangular in shape and available in oak, ash, walnut or cherry. …

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Chunky winter gloves and touch screen phones don’t go together. But if you must use your touch screen phone at freezing temperatures, make sure that you have iTap gloves. Made of Merino lambswool, the iTap gloves come in four colours and are suitable both for wet and snowy weather. If you have iTaps, there is …

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Levitation – Concept Bike by DEzien – Bike with Charging Capabilities

This strange looking machine is a concept bicycle called Levitation by the design agency DEzien. So far, only images have been released, but it has already drawn loads of attention. Design is not the only reason why the DEzien’s Levitation bike is put into the spotlight. Apparently, it can charge your gadgets. The Levitation bike …

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Technical advancements brought us various ways of controlling the gadgets we use every day, but most of those innovations were inspired by sheer functionality and utilitarity. The designer of the RAFL Wireless speakers moved one step forward. The idea behind RAFL was based on a candy jar and the movement you employ while picking a …

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Solar Powered Socket | By Kyuho Song & Boa Oh

We all know energy should be free and distributed in an environmentally-friendly way as it is actually all around us, but until Kyuho Song & Boa Oh came along with their brilliant and groundbreaking design it was all on the level of speculation. Yes, we have seen countless models of solar batteries and adapters for …

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