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Crystal Kayak


You’ve probably seen a classic kayak a hundred times but there’s one you don’t see often – Crystal Kayak. We don’t know how to begin with the advantages of using a kayak. You can use it for instance for fishing, or to get fit. You can even opt to replace your tender on your sailing yacht. Crystal …

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New Circular Runway Concept For Airports

As our technological capabilities increase, so does our novel ideas. The evolution of technology and ideas go hand-in-hand, and they complement each other. Well, as far as novel ideas go, we have to admit that the Circular Airport Runway Concept is definitely up there. The Endless Runway Concept is the brainchild of Dutch scientist Henk …

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Douchebags | The Trail Bike Travel Bag


We admit that the brand name did give us a chuckle, but their products are awesome. We all know that traveling with our bicycles can be a hassle, and there is always the fear of it getting damaged. Thanks to the Douchebags The Trail Bike Travel Bag, that will never be a problem again. Designed …

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Triumph Ghost | By Smoked Garage

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As far as interesting concepts and customizations go, this one by Smoked Garage definitely leans toward the top of our list. Designed with the future in mind, this customization is definitely a sight to behold and we offer our salute to Smoked Garage. Introducing the Triumph Ghost. This build was inspired by the Lotus C-01 …

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Art Collective Boa Mistura Transforms Sao Paulo Favelas

Back in 2012, art and design collective called Boa Mistura started transforming the streets of Sao Paulo, Brasil. The name of the project is ‘Luz nas vielas’ and the idea was to connect the residents and create paintings in alleys throughout the city. The paintings are anamorphic, meaning that when viewed from a specific angle, they …

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One Year On A Bike | From Amsterdam to Singapore


We’ve all had those moments; the stress is getting too much, you feel empty, the rat race just seems to be endless. You then get the idea of just packing up and leaving; just dropping everything and doing something extraordinary. Most of the time, these are fleeting thoughts that we never truly act upon, but …

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US Army Outfits Stryker Assault Vehicle With Anti-Drone Laser

Let’s all admit it, lasers are pretty awesome, and, the US Army thought so as well. However, in their case, the lasers are meant to be a tactical advantage over the enemy. At the moment, they are awaiting the delivery of a record 60kW laser weapon from Lockheed Martin, but, they do have use for …

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M2R Racing Pit Bike


They say that dynamite comes in small packages. Well, with this one, we would definitely have to agree. Miniaturized, yet powerful, the M2R Racing Pit Bike is exactly what you need, and it’s great fun for kids too! In the case of pit bikes, smaller has always been better, and it is their trademark. Well, …

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Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT Computer


When looking for a cycling computer, you want something that is going to track all of your activities, obviously. However, something that is rarely taken into account is aerodynamics. Of course, a cycling computer is small, but almost all companies neglect the drag that can come from them. Introducing the Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT Computer, …

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Fish Cat 4 | LCS Float Tube


Let’s face it, fishing is awesome, but boats are expensive. However, boats give you a variety of benefits. For instance, greater casting distance, comfort, and you have the ability to catch the big ones in the middle of the lake. Thankfully for us prospecting fishermen, there is a smaller, cheaper alternative. Introducing the Fish Cat …

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