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Patent Prints | By Oliver Gal Artist Co.

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Patent Prints can be a great addition to your interior. Just imagine decorating your man cave and including these awesome prints. They are made in Oliver Gal Artist Co.Studios in Miami, Florida. As for the collection, it features more than 100 prints of the most recognizable patents. We’re gonna introduce a few. What’s the same …

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Above The World | Earth Through A Drone’s Eye


Leonardo da Vinci was once quoted as saying, “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.”. In many ways this is what Above the World: Earth Through A Drone’s Eye tries to capture. Created by …

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Orbit 20 | LED Illuminated Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium


There are some pretty cool desk accessories out there, but there is nothing as cool as the Orbit 20 Desktop Jellyfish Aquarium. You and your office guests are bound to be entertained for hours. Besides…Jellyfish! Unique and functional, this is something that everyone should have in their home offices. Essentially, it’s a working piece of …

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The Custom Helmet Art Of Hello Cousteau

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The German Philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, once said, “Boredom is just the reverse side of fascination: both depend on being outside rather than inside a situation, and one leads to the other.” And, that’s exactly what happened with interior designer, Nuno Henriques, when he decided to start designing his own motorcycle helmets via his boutique brand, …

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The 420 Gourmet | The Elevated Art Of Cannabis Cuisine


The US and, indeed, the rest of the world has started to completely reform the views that we have about the highly therapeutic and medicinal herb called cannabis. There are many benefits that cannabis use delivers and, if you are against smoking it which is totally understandable, you can always make your own edibles. Luckily …

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Astro Creates A Mind-bending Mural In Portugal

Astro is a french artist who first started with graffiti art and lately switched his focus more on large format murals. Just recently, he finished one mind-blowing mural in Portugal, and by saying mind-blowing, we literally mean that. This amazing work can be found in the Portuguese city of Loures, on one side of a residential building. With layers of …

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Seinfeldia | How A Show About Nothing Changed Everything


I doubt that there is anybody, apart, possibly, from the millennials, that don’t know about Seinfeld. Praised for its witty humor about some of life’s most mundane moments while still asking perplexing questions about various situations was what drew people to Seinfeld. Now with the show ended, author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong captured the beginnings and …

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IXXI Star Wars Mosaic Wall Art

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens was recently released, and all the fans went crazy about it. The love for the franchise was never bigger, and so this is a perfect time to launch something as cool as this wall art. Dutch design company IXXI created an entire collection of officially-licensed Star Wars Mosaic Wall Art. Each …

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Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figures | By Beeline Creative

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If you’re a fan of the film Pulp Fiction, you‘ll love these talking action figures! Beeline Creative is well known for creating great toys, and these are no exception. Teamed up with Miramax Films, the studio has created a series of Pulp Fiction Explicit Talking Figures. The figures are 13’’ tall and each of them …

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Star Wars Planetary Drinking Glassware


This year, the Holiday season is coming early for Star Wars fans. The entire army of Star Wars fans is eager to see the continuation of the saga – The Force Awakens. Every child and adult should know about a galaxy far, far away and one of the ways to get familiar with it and …

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