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Homemade Hot Sauce Kit | By Chili Lab And W&P Design


The Chili Lab teamed up with W&P Design to create something cool for those who love spicy food. Their Homemade Hot Sauce Kit will make you roll your sleeves up and spend time doing something interesting you can eat after. Homemade Hot Sauce Kit will teach you how to make two different blends. The first one is the …

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WaterRower VS Concept 2 Model D

Rowing, as a sport or simply as an exercise, is known for the incredible amount of benefits that it gives. It’s a high intensity, low impact exercise which means that it burns fat and builds muscle while still keeping your joints healthy. Even though running is a great exercise, we all know what impact it …

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Airsoft Gear 101 – Everything That You Need To Start Playing Airsoft

Many of us remember the rush that paintball brought on; you could almost taste it on your tongue and could feel your adrenal glands being squeezed and then there was the glorious pain of getting shot. It was exhilarating! However, as time progressed, we hung up our paintball guns and, slowly but surely, the sport …

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Lopifit | The World’s First Walking Bike


The title seems a bit counterintuitive to what a bicycle actually is but, yet, the Lopifit truly is the world’s first walking bike. In many ways, it’s a reinvention of the traditional bicycle and there is no doubt that it will take the world by storm since it is unique and a new fun take …

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Protecting Your Privacy in a Virtual World

The U.S. Constitution does not express an explicit “right to privacy,” though this liberty is echoed throughout several amendments and bills. The ambiguity of this entitlement paired with the perils of the digital world is perhaps what makes the right to privacy such a prime concern in the modern world. Since protecting this right often falls …

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Zerobody Anti-Gravity Bed


When you compare floating chambers with all types of memory foam mattresses and regular water beds, you realize just how awesome they are. The best thing is that we keep seeing new floating beds being developed. Nevertheless, there’s still nothing like Zerobody, a sensory deprivation float tank that allows you to float on it but not …

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Top 5 Bubble Tents | Camping With The Stars

Everyone who has gone camping at least once in their life knows that there’s nothing quite like it. Apart from all the amazing benefits that you get from spending outside, you get to connect with yourself, your friends, your family and nature. Another major point of camping is the fact that you can star-gaze but, …

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Top 5 Inflatable Sofas On The Market

from $49|

Inflatable sofas have made a dent in the market and we completely understand why; they are comfy, easy to set up, mobile and you can use them pretty much anywhere. There is nothing quite like an awesome music festival, however, if there is one thing that can completely destroy the mood, then that is getting …

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