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5 Working Desks You Should Consider Buying

Just recently we wrote about essential office gear and included a working desk that let’s face it, is truly a crucial part of an office. Today, our focus is entirely on desks and you’ll see five of them. We made it diverse (standing desk, sitting desk, smaller and bigger ones) so you can find the …

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5 Hawaiian Shirts To Get You Ready For Summer

Tropical prints are in this season and what better item to fill your summer wardrobe than a Hawaiian Shirt? We’ve made a collection of a few worth checking out so before you go out shopping for warmer weather clothes, take a look at these awesome shirts and get yourself ready for summer. 1 – Hula …

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Icarus Rooftop Sleeping Compartment

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Outdoor adventures and road trips are now safer and much more comfortable. For those of you who own or plan to get a Land Rover, here’s a practical addition- a rooftop sleeping compartment. This extension is made for Defender 110 aka Icarus and can fit two people. Let us start with its most important features. Firstly, …

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Drones For Photography: Introductory Guide

Let’s zone in on drones and take you on an in depth look at drones for photography. Originally developed for reconnaissance processes, drones were almost exclusively for military use and hidden from civilian eyes. As the costs on drones decreased, they became more accessible for civilian production and affordable drones became available for hobby use …

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10 Kitchen Gear Essentials

Continuing with our shopping suggestions, we introduce you to a list of items for the kitchen. No matter if you’re a passionate cook, want to save time doing everyday activities or need a gift idea, the following ten items will be of use. Find them below. 1 – Food Cycler Indoor Kitchen Compost Container If you’re …

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The Raden Luggage


Today, we’re introducing you to a minimalistic and techy line of travel luggage. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or summer vacation, Raden Luggage will get you covered. Let us start with the A22 Carry. This suitcase is perfect for a few days trip as it fits most airline carry-on dimensions. It is crafted out of …

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5 Tactical and Badass Pens For Men

Pens are not just used for writing. They can serve a variety of purposes, from self-defense to being a multitool. We decided to make a list of pens that all have something in common- they are tough and badass. Check them out: 1 – Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen When you hear of Gerber, you know to expect …

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5 Laptop Backpacks and Bags For All budgets

For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been making lists that have a single purpose – to let you easily find what you need. Next in line are laptop backpacks and bags. Check them out below: 1 – Topo Designs Klettersack A while ago, we covered a few Topo Design bags and we fell in love with …

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Native Shoes

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We are very proud to present you high-performance running shoes that are a perfect go-to travel essential. We’re talking about Native Shoes that will provide you with a sock-free comfort. Check out these two awesome models: The first one, the Mercury Liteknit has a recognizable Native look. It comes with an elastic and super light upper …

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The Editor Utility Shirt From Batch


Today we’re talking about Batch, a company dedicated to creating exceptional shirts for modern men. There’s one, in particular, we are excited to recommend to you – The Editor Utility Shirt. Combining the rugged looks of a utility shirt with the fit, fabric and refinement of a dress shirt, it’s a comfortable classic that will quickly become one …

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