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What to Pack for Your Vacation in the Sun

Knowing what to pack for a sun vacation can be difficult. Packing your outfits may seem like an exciting prospect initially, but for some, the reality can be very different. The dreaded packing stress can set in a few days beforehand when you’re worried about what you’re going to need for the intense heat, sunburn, …

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3 Tips For Considering A Hunting Adventure

Deciding that you want to have a hunting adventure is not the end of the matter – it is really only the beginning. In order to have the best time possible on your adventure, you need to consider a number of things before you go. Taking the time to do this first will mean that …

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The Best Running Gear Currently on the Market

Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else or about to take your first literal steps into the world of running, you’ll be amazed by how much running gear there is to choose from. Many people would presume that all you need to get running is a pair of shoes. While this is true …

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A Guide to Buy Mini Bongs for Smoking

Mini bongs are getting extremely popular with the increase in demand for marijuana. They provide a smooth and clear hit for an instant high. The options like Roor mini bongs are super cool and perfect for boosting a smoking session. A typical small glass bong is made of super-eminent quality material and conveniently available in …

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What is Shungite: Its Benefits and Uses


We live in a world where people turn to nature and use its healing properties, instead of completely relying on modern medicine. So, among many other crystals and minerals, we today have and use shungite – which is yet to gain its popularity across the world. This mineral is used in many different spheres and …

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The 13 Best Secret Santa Gifts for Your Co-Workers

Finding the perfect gift for a co-worker can be a little overwhelming, especially if you don’t know him or her very well. Of course, you will want to present them with a present they will truly love for the festive season, which is why you should do your research to pick the perfect item. To …

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Filippo Loreti Review

For this Filippo Loreti review, we have something very special in mind – a look at the Venice series of watches made by Filippo Loreti. The very design of these watches was deeply inspired by the beauty of Italy, and its long tradition regarding timekeeping. All of the Filippo Loreti in the collection are different …

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Caswell “Morphing Karambit” Premium Utility Knife


We scoured Kickstarter and stumbled upon a new project that was released just days ago. Caswell “Morphing Karambit” is an innovative blade made in California and designed to bring you function and safety. Pre-order from Kickstarter here. Traditionally used as an agricultural tool, this curved blade (also known as Karambit) can be useful for self-defense but …

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Peren Nera: Transylvanian Swiss Made Neo-Vintage Watch

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Today we’re scouting Kickstarter and bringing you a limited edition vintage looking but modern watch inspired by Transylvania’s Devil’s Lake. Peren Nera is made by Peren Watches, in collaboration with a Swiss Red Dot Design company. Get it from Kickstarter here.  The watch was actually developed when the founder of the Peren Watches company wore …

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