The newest member of Casio’s G-SHOCK family is the GWG1000, adequately named the Mudmaster. This high-end model is specifically designed and constructed to withstand considerable punishment in harsh environments. Whether you’re travelling through a desert, climbing a mountain or getting bogged down in a muddy river bed, you can be sure that this time piece won’t let you down.

G-SHOCK watches are known for their superb shock resistance, and the Mudmaster is no different. In addition to having a shock and vibration resistant casing, the essential parts of the watch are protected from mud and dust by sealing off the buttons and shafts with a series of multiple gaskets on the pipes leading to them. These gaskets and pipes protect the buttons from impact and improve their reliability. The face of the watch is protected by sapphire crystal glass and illuminated by a double led white light. It can withstand temperatures as low as -10° C (14° F) and depths of up to 200 meters underwater.

G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000

The GWG-1000 is outfitted with a triple sensor that provides information about the altitude (altimeter), temperature (thermometer) and general weather conditions (barometer). It also has a digital compass with bidirectional calibration and magnetic declination correction. Time synchronization of the GWG-1000 is based on radio wave reception on 6 frequencies. The synchronization is automatically done 6 times a day, and can also be done manually.

G-Shock Mudmaster rugged survival watch

The power source is a high capacity solar charging system which gives the watch a working autonomy of about 23 months after a full charge (if in power saving mode). The watch bands come in three colors: black, olive and yellow. [via] watch video below

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G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-1000 in green

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