When on the prowl for a compact bag for the stuff which have to be with you at all times, then compactness is the name of the game. And why shouldn’t it be? Instead of carrying a larger, half’empty bag, you can opt for a smaller one, filled to the brim with the things that are an EDC must. Which is precisely why we’re going to take a look at the Cargo Works EDC Kit together. This small EDC kit offers a lot of storage space, despite the fact that it measures 13.4 x 9.5 x 1.6 inches, all thanks to the efficient way you can organize your gear with its compartments.

Compartments and Storage

Cargo Works EDC Kit secondary compartment

The secondary compartment can fit a tablet and has webbing for a large number of small gadgets

For a small EDC such as this, it truly can amaze you with what can be carried around in it. Starting from the Molle webbing found on the outside of this kit, you gain the option of either carrying gear directly in the webbing, or attaching pouches to increase its overall capacity. But we honestly believe that there is no need for such additions because of the primary and secondary compartments. The secondary one opens up to reveal additional interior elastic webbing which opens up the option of storing even more gadgets and other gear inside.

Cargo Works EDC Kit main compartment

The padded main compartment is perfect for a 13″ laptop

Thanks to its elasticity, it will keep all of your stuff firmly in place and prevent contact between them, so no unfortunate damage can occur. Plus you can fit a tablet inside that compartment while the webbing is all used up.  As for the main compartment, it is designed to fit a 13″ laptop while providing the necessary protection with its two layers of padding.

Material and Design

Cargo Works EDC Kit overview

Despite its small size, the Cargo Works EDC Kit can store all the things you need to have with you

Built from 900 denier outer canvas and tough ripstop liner, the Cargo Works EDC Kit is all but fragile. It’s even safe to carry around because it stays close to the body, so no one can easily snatch it from you. As for the design, it’s pretty simple and straightforward. An all black EDC kit with no huge logos printed on it doesn’t attract too much attention, yet, after one look, its simplicity will captivate you.

The Cargo Works EDC Kit is something every guy should have to keep his gear in a well organized and easy-to-access way. Carry it by hand, or use its strap, it doesn’t matter really. Your stuff will be right where it’s supposed to be; at your person at all times.

Cargo Works EDC Kit material

Made from very durable materials, this EDC kit can’t get damaged easily, nor will it allow your gear to be damaged

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