Careers in the Financial Sector Worth Considering

Those seeking a new career path may want to consider looking into the flourishing finance industry. This can be a highly rewarding industry to work in which is fast-paced, dynamic, has fast progression and can be extremely lucrative. There are many different areas and roles to consider in such a big industry – here are a few of the best.


One of the first jobs that people will think of in finance is a stockbroker which can certainly be an exciting career to pursue. This will involve buying and selling stocks and shares on behalf of clients and will require analytical thinking, confidence and staying calm under pressure. Successful stockbrokers usually earn upwards of £50,000.


It may not be as exhilarating, but accounting is an excellent area for those with a background in finance. This is because it is work which is always in demand, you get to help businesses to improve their financial health and it can be lucrative work with earnings greater than £30,000 with the right experience and qualifications.

Financial Advisor

A financial advisor helps clients to achieve their financial goals and advises on products such as loans, investments, savings, pensions, inheritance tax and insurance. Financial advisors can make around £40,000 and upwards with experience and get to work with a wide range of different people.

Mortgage Advisor

A mortgage adviser advises those buying a home which mortgage products are best for them and helps them through what can be a complex and daunting process. It requires commercial awareness and strong communication skills, but it is possible to earn upwards of £35,000 after a few years.

Finance Project Manager

In this role, you are responsible for planning and executing a wide range of business projects while keeping the company’s finances in mind. This requires analytical and project planning skills along with excellent financial knowledge with the potential to earn around £50,000.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst works in large institutions like banks looking at investment markets, stocks, hedge funds etc and creates policies and strategy recommendations based on their findings. A financial analyst can earn over £50,000 with experience and often springboards into more lucrative roles in the industry.

Investment Banker

Investment banking is a competitive field and this is because it is extremely well paying with those with significant experience earning around £150,000. An investment banker helps clients to raise capital to finance business growth or various activities and buys and sells assets on the financial markets to raise capital.

These are a few of the best roles that are worth pursuing in the finance sector. This can be a brilliant sector to work in as it is always in demand, there is the potential for great success and career progression opportunities as well as the thrill of working in a fast-paced, advanced industry.

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