When going gets tough, the tough whip out trusty knives to cut down on the hassle – and we have one such blade for you here today: Cardsharp4 by Iain Sinclair is a reliable pocket knife that promises lots of cutting, slicing and carving fun in a surprisingly tiny and lightweight package. Here’s the long and short of it.

The latest piece in Sinclair’s popular Cardsharp series, Cardsharp4 is a folding pocket blade fit for a king of spies: made to fold flat as a credit card in three simple origami-like moves, this little knife is CNC machined from extremely sturdy yet incredibly thin aluminum casing with hard anodized surface finish (the thickness of this smart utility tool is reportedly as slight as two millimeters) and topped by a fresh construction with a two-stage Zytel® locking mechanism and rivet to prevent unwanted opening when not in use and ensure maximum rigidity in both open and closed configurations.

Cardsharp 4

In addition to this, Cardsharp4 boasts fresh spring-loaded Nitinol hinges, water- and rust-proof design and a 65 millimeter long 420 series stainless steel surgical blade with black scratch-resistant Electro-ferritic coating that promises thousands of precise incisions and reliable cutting and slicing routines whatever material you decide to throw its way, be it food, paper, wire, carton, Styrofoam or something even tougher like a car safety belt. Still, the most amazing thing about this cool knife is the fact that it promises a scalpel-like sharpness and superior rigidity in a unit measuring as few as 85.6 x 54 x 2.2 millimeters and weighing an incredible 24 grams, which means you can fold it and store it wherever you want or need – and it also entails a reduced carbon footprint, too.

Cardsharp 4 in black

Smaller and lighter than virtually any pocket knife out there, Cardsharp4 is available in either Natural Metal or Black Metal, so if you need a reliable yet inconspicuous utility blade for your everyday cutting tasks, make sure you check this little guy out.

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Cardsharp 4 specs and details

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