We have, on numerous occasions, expressed our interest and support for survival gear and kits, and especially survival kits which are compact and can be carried around with you at all times. That’s a major advantage, in our opinion, because if you do have a well-equipped bug-out bag, you may find yourself miles away from it in case of an emergency. This is precisely why survival kits like The Friendly Swede Carabiner ‘Grenade’ Survival Kit with Sharp Eye Knife are very useful to have. As the name says, this survival kit employs a sturdy carabiner, and this addition makes it possible for you to carry it around as a keychain or hooked on your backpack. At first glance, however, this survival kit doesn’t seem like it could help out in an emergency situation, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

What This Survival Kit Has To Offer

Carabiner 'Grenade' Survival Kit with Sharp Eye Knife paracord

After unraveling the paracord, you gain access to a number of very useful survival tools

Even though this survival kit is essentially a keychain shaped like a grenade, it holds a bunch of surprises. The first two parts of the kit are the most obvious ones, the carabiner and the paracord which gives it its interesting shape. In order to gain access to the rest of the gear in this kit you will have to unravel the 9 feet long, 500 lbs paracord. After that, a blast of survival gear will envelop you.

Carabiner 'Grenade' Survival Kit with Sharp Eye Knife bundle contents

The small paracrod bundle hides all of this gear inside

After you’re done with the paracord, you’ll see that the carabiner is attached to a sharp eye knife made from stainless steel and 1.97 inches long. This will be a very useful tool if you get stranded in the wilderness, but there is a lot more in this survival kit. The rest of the items are hidden inside of an aluminum foil bundle, and when you unravel it, you will gain access to a firestarter, tinder, wire,  fishing gear (lines, hooks, weights, swivels and floats) and a sewing needle. And don’t throw away the aluminum foil by accident, in the right hands this can be a survival tool as well.

Why is the Carabiner Grenade Kit With Sharp Eye Knife Worth Looking Into

Carabiner 'Grenade' Survival Kit with Sharp Eye Knife eye knife

One of the most useful survival tools, a simple knife

This survival kit is definitely worth looking into, as all compact and well-equipped survival kits are. The sheer amount of survival tools you get in a small package is not something that should be taken lightly, especially when you take into consideration that you get a full fishing gear set inside of a paracord bundle and not to mention the other very useful tools. By putting it on a keychain or simply storing it in the glove compartment of your car, you will have an excellent survival kit available at a moment’s notice.

The Friendly Swede Carabiner ‘Grenade’ Survival Kit with Sharp Eye Knife  is an excellent piece of survival gear, which every outdoor enthusiast should own, just in case something unexpected happens on your camping trip. You’ll be glad to have a piece of survival gear such as this nearby.

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