In an era of modern coffee making machines where a hot cup of coffee is just a push of a button away, it is really refreshing to see a rustic looking, but nonetheless very original two-piece coffee maker called the Canadiano.

Interesting thing about the Canadiano is that is made of wood – Cherry, Walnut and Maple – i.e. different kind of wood for different kind of Java bean and roast. Walnut, for instance, is best used with darker roasts, like those from South East Asia, while Cherry and Maple are perfect for coffee beans with mild citrusy or nutty taste.

This wonderful little device is designed by Toronto-based Ofishtnk Design Factory, namely by the team of professional designers who pride themselves in begin dedicated to „changing your everyday experience of space and objects”.

Canadiano Coffee Maker 1

The unusal method that the Canadiano uses to brew coffee is called the pour over. What you do basically is put the Canadiano on your cup, add coffee and pour hot water into the coffee maker’s wooden basin. Wait for two to four minutes while the coffee runs through the metal filter and, voilà, your delicious cup of coffee is ready.

Another charming idiosyncrasy of the Canadiano coffee maker is that it will absorb the coffee oils from the beans and roasts you use, and each time you use it to make a fresh cup of coffee, these oils will make it even more delicious than the last time.

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Canadiano Coffee Maker 3

Canadiano Coffee Maker 4

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