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When somebody comes up with a unique idea, fashion trends are started. Well, we believe that Cam’s Wooden Ties are one of those unique items that are bound to change our wardrobes.

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

Cool, stylish, and comfortable, these Wooden Ties will definitely have heads turning.

The two different designs that Cam’s Wooden Ties features and the three different types of wood. There is also a picture of The Grain version.

Cam’s Wooden Ties comes in two different designs, The Grain (pictured right) and The Paisley (image below). You can also select between three different types of wood.

Cam’s Wooden Ties are designed to be the perfect length and the perfect fit. All of the ties are constructed out of solid wood; however, because of their unique segmented design, these ties move and bend freely. They are also exceptionally lightweight and are definitely a fashion statement. Check out the video below.

The ties are constructed out of three different types of wood; namely, Walnut, Maple, and Zebrawood. It also comes in two different designs. The first design is The Grain, which accentuates the natural wood grain for a pristine look. The second is The Paisley, which features an ornately carved paisley pattern.

The Paisley version of Cam’s Wooden Ties

The Paisley tie comes with an ornately carved design in the wood type that you would like.

In addition to this, Cam knew that not everyone is built the same, and therefore you can customize your tie size. The tie is originally 20” long, but it can be shortened to a minimum of 18” or lengthened to a maximum of 22”. The sizes can change in 1” increments. All of these ties are genuinely handmade in the USA; the materials for these ties are also sourced locally.

All of these ties don’t need a knot either, which makes it much less hassle for us. They come with elastic neckties that simply clip into one another for a perfect and comfortable fit!

Cam’s Wooden Ties Elastic Neck clip

The elasticized neck clip allows for a perfect and easy fit without ever having to worry about tying a complicated knot.

At the moment, Cam’s Wooden Ties are being featured on Kickstarter. So, if you’re interested, you should definitely head over there and score an Early Bird special!

Pre-order from Kickstarter here.

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