The time has come where many of us have started craving for antiquity, where we actively seek little tidbits of the olden days with a sense of nostalgia. With all of our technological devices, RV’s, gas-fueled barbecues, trailers and many of the modern inventions that we take along on our ‘camping’ trips as ‘necessities’, we start to realize that we actually want to experience the real ruggedness of outdoors. We feel the need to explore, not only ourselves but nature as well, before we became used to the comfort. If these words resonate with you then the book called Camping In The Old Style by David Wescott is just for you.

Camping in the Old Style explores various methods that were used by olden day campers; methods such as how to create and pitch a tent, lay and set a campfire, how to choose your camping food, how to set up camp kitchens, how to use an ax and saw efficiently, how to do proper woodcrafting, horseback camping techniques, jack-knife cooking styles, canoeing and even, camping lore and story- telling but there is so much more than these few examples in this book.

Compiling and putting his own spin from various great authors on the subject such as Warren H. Miller, Dan Beard, James Austin Wilder and a few others, David Wescott has put together an excellent and practical book for all of you that seek the rush of nature at its wildest. One Amazon reviewer even had this to say about his five star rating of the book, “Wescott enlightens one that ‘go-light’ camping was generated not in modern days, but at the turn of the century. From Seton and Beard’s woodcrafting, to Wilder’s jack-knife cookery, this book include every nuance of camping. All terrains, from the heat to the chill northern climatesho; all ages and styles are encompassed in the simple basics that it takes to enjoy the great outdoors.”

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