Barbecue grills have suddenly become sophisticated, compact, and eco-friendly. Take VitalGrill Camping Barbecue,  for instance. This is a barbecue that is ideal for outdoor activities and survival situations. You don’t need petrol or gas to fire it but only a waterproof fire starter block which is provided with the barbecue. In order to keep the fire going, you will need a solid biological material like hardwood or charcoal. This grill is also very safe and reliable, even in the worst of weather.

Camping Barbecue

Have you ever heard of a barbecue with an integrated blower turbine which supercharges the fire while producing almost 20,000 BTU of heat? The VitalGrill Barbecue does exactly that. It is also lightweight (it weighs only 3.6 kg or 8 lbs) and comes with its own carry bag. The Vita Grill Barbecue is as compact as barbecues get and it easily folds into a combustion chamber. It operates on two regular AA batteries which can blow the fan between 35 and 40 hours.

Portable Camping Barbecue

Vital Grill also has an adaptable fan shutter which enables the user to control how much air the barbecue takes. It can hold a cooking load of up to 50 lbs (or 25 kg), and, as far as dimensions go, it measures 35 cm (13.5”) in diameter, its packed height is 7.6 cm (3”), while its operational height is 25.5 cm (10”).

The VitalGrill barbecue is made from stainless steel, and you can use it to grill, bake, smoke, fry, and stew your food, or even just for adding that special barbecue flavour to your meals. watch video below

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Camping BBQ

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