Camping across the Globe: Top Campsites

The best season for camping is forever. All year round, rain or shine, wind or snow, every type of weather comes with its own set of challenges and interesting twists on the camping endeavours. It all depends on where your taste – and indeed your prowess – lies. If you are keen to embark on a camping trip across the globe, here are a few top campsites for your consideration.

The French Alps 

The French Alps

Are you in the mood for something more casual? Maybe you just want to unwind – we can all enjoy campfire games now and then no matter the age, and stare at the gorgeous topography which surrounds you. Why not kick it off with one of the most picturesque and undeniably popular backdrops for camping in the world – the Alps?

Specifically, the French Alps have particularly convenient slopes that are picture-perfect for campers that don’t want to veer faraway from lodges and camping centers, just in case. The beauty of the region is undeniable, and the air is brimming with resplendent scents of fir trees. It is an easygoing camping destination.

Jordan’s magnificent Wadi Rum 

Wadi Rum

If you are a film aficionado, you have certainly gawked at the magnificent landscapes of Wadi Rum. At the very least, you’ve watched Lawrence of Arabia.

The blazing desert of overwhelmingly orange sands and deeply cut rocks that appear like monoliths on an alien planet, a sky littered with glittering skies and the dreamy Bedouin appeal of the campsites is what awaits you in Wadi Rum – a truly enchanting experience that is well worth the trip and the hassle.

It counts among the more popular camping destinations around for all of the reasons mentioned above, and while you’ll get an (optional) chance to tour the locality, introduce yourself to local culture, dances and the way of life, it is all about those watercolor sunsets and star-filled nights.

That being said, if you have the chance, treat yourself with a jalabiya dance show if you can. It’s a real spectacle. 

Fairbanks, Alaska 

Fairbanks Alaska

Welcome to one of the final frontiers – the land of colossal glaciers and mist-covered mountain tops. Alaska is a magical and harsh place full of wonder, wild beasts, and auroras. It is not a camping destination for everyone.

While there are convenient inaugural campsites around, as well as well-trained guides and top-notch camping equipment to rent, this one is for daredevils, those that enjoy a challenge and a bit more hardship.

Still, when it all comes down to it, Fairbanks is the place to go, whether you are a rookie camper or an experienced wilderness dweller. This city is akin to a camper-central-hub, especially during the winter months. 

The solid infrastructure of the town, considering its relatively modest size, goes in its favor, but that’s not the only thing. Its relative proximity to breath-taking natural reserves – such as the world-famous Denali National Park, is what takes the cake.

Now, it holds up that the dead-of-winter, a landscape glazed in pristine white and rivers frozen over with a thick layer of ice, is when you should visit. It is simply just so unique and enchanting. If it turns out this type of camping backdrop is not your cup of tea, you can always bail out quite easily. The airport is right there.

Serengeti spectacle 


Of course, how can we even discuss camping across the globe without mentioning safari? This is not, strictly speaking, your basic camping experience. It typically includes going on long and epic rides across vast and breathtaking landscapes.

Granted, it would be unfair to point out a singular region, but if you’d be hard-pressed to choose, Serengeti, is the way to go for newcomers. It is 15,000 square kilometers of an ever-shifting biome, a staggering diversity of wild animals and plant life that exists, undisturbed, in perfect harmonious motion with nature. It is a sight to behold.

For campers, it might be best to visit Tanzania’s enchanting sites between June and October, though it is a fairly stable region, climate-wise, all year round. And the best thing about the experience is that it offers incredible options when it comes to tourist packages – a range of price tags that suit pretty much everyone.


A camping trip to remember is a balancing act between challenge and reward. Each activity needs to have a clear goal and a dash of enjoyment that underlines it. Usually, the best-case scenario involves having fun and diverse set of activities between physically strenuous organizations. Now, when your backdrop for the camping trip counts some of the most breathtaking places in the world, the rewarding part is much easier to see, right?

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