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If you like preparing and having meals in the great outdoors, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise the taste of your food. With the Primus Campfire Range, you’ll be able to make complete gourmet meals wherever you are. The campfire stoves have two burners and are designed for large pots and pans so you’ll be able to cook for many people. They are also easy to assemble and highly portable so you can take your outdoor parties to the next level with delicious food.

The Primus Campfire Range is a camp cook stove collection that comes from Sweden to offer you a complete outdoor cooking experience. The collection consists of 3 gas stoves, stainless pots and pans, cooking utensils, cutlery, and other accessories. Basically, all you need to add to this set is some fresh food and you can turn the great outdoors into your private kitchen. The 2-burners are adapted for advanced cooking but are also lightweight so they can be carried in one hand, which makes them easy to transport virtually anywhere.

Primus Onja Stove, tilted on a white background.

One of the gas stoves in this collection is the foldable Onja stove that comes with a carry strap

The stoves included in the Primus Campfire Range are the Onja, Kinjia, and Tupike. All three stoves can work with regular backpack gas canisters while the last two can also run on larger canisters but this will require an adapter. The standard canisters include Primus gas cartridges (100 g, 230 g, and 450 g). The Onja features a foldable design so it’s the most compact and most portable stove in the collection. It’s large enough to cook a meal for four people on it and it comes with a carry strap.

Primus Kinja Stove Set, tilted on a white background.

The Kinjia stove can run on backpacking gas canisters as well as larger canisters if you get an adapter for it

The body of the Onja stove doubles as a cooking unit once it’s unfolded and it also offers wind protection. The oak lid can be used as a cutting board or a serving platter. The Tupike is also very practical as it comes with foldable legs, side windscreens, a drip tray and a griddle plate. The four pots and two frying pans included in the Primus Campfire Range all come in different sizes and are made from polished stainless steel.

Primus Tupike Stove Set tilted on a white background.

The Tupike gas stove has foldable legs, windscreens, a drip tray and a griddle plate

The pots have handles and lids with integrated colanders while the pans feature a unique design that ensures even heat distribution. As for the small utensils, the Primus Campfire Range includes knives, spatula, fork, spoon, cutlery, plates and glasses. Simply put, the set includes everything you could need for an outdoor cooking session as well as for serving purposes. It’s a highly portable, practical set with all the elements neatly packed up so you don’t have to worry whether you’ve forgotten about something.

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Primus Campfire Cookset, Small, and Campfire Prep Set, on a white background.

The Primus Campfire set also includes quality pots, pans, knives, and other utensils

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