We have another gem for all you nature lovers. First published over a century ago and beautifully accentuated with over 370 of the author’s own illustrations, this book is a must have for all you campers, nature lovers and appreciators of the great outdoors. The book that we are talking about is Camp-Lore and Woodcraft written by the legend himself – Daniel Beard (a.k.a “Uncle Dan” for the millions of Boy Scouts out there.)

Daniel Beard was a keen naturalist, illustrator, progressive era reformer and author that wrote many ‘how to’ books. His book Camp-Lore and Woodcraft proved to be an interesting and enlightening collection of practical notes on woodcrafting and camp lore. With simple instructions, Beard, teaches how to build a proper campfire and how to utilize it for cooking, how to not only mount a horse but also how to pack and saddle it, how to prepare for a camping trip, how to pitch a tent and choose an adequate camping spot and he even has notes on how to efficiently cut down a tree and the proper techniques for chopping wood.

Camp-Lore and Woodcraft by Daniel Beard

Beard being an avid outdoorsman himself and possessing a sublime love for nature wrote this book from the perspective of first-hand experience and thus, gained the ability to teach people of all ages on Native American Lore and how to safely explore the great outdoors. One Amazon reviewer had this to say about Beard’s camping guide: “This book was written by a man who not only loved the outdoors, but spent most all of his time in it. When you do that, you learn very quickly what works and what isn’t worth your time. There isn’t a bad piece of advice or teaching in this book and if you want to know the Old Timers knew, add this book to your collection. It’s a gem!”.

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