Cactus Tongue Wall Mounted Bicycle Mount


Cactus Tongue is a stylish and functional bike hanger. It’ll allow you to place your bike in limited spaces and it’s great for those living in small flats or lack room in the garage.

Cactus Tongue SSL Bike Hanger is made from stainless steel and has hand stitched leather contact pads. The pads come in either nut brown or silver/grey marine grade leather. It’ll allow you to hang the bike horizontally by the crossbar, or vertically by the handlebar or seat post. With it, you’ll get fixing screws and it’s really easy to install it and mount on the wall. The Cactus Tongue can support 20 kg.

Yellow Bike On A Cactus Tongue SSL Bike Hanger

With the Cactus Tongue SSL Bike Hanger you can hang the bike vertically or horizontally. It’s great for limited space like smaller flats and garages.

Cactus Tongue created one more bike hanger that’s more suitable for the outdoors. Cactus Tongue UNI Bike Hanger made from white powder-coated Zintec steel and weatherproof grey PVC contact sleeves. It has holes in the upper and lower arms for shackle and cable locks that are up to 16 mm in diameter.

Cactus Tongue UNI Bike Hanger

Cactus Tongue UNI Bike Hanger is designed to be used outdoors. It resists tarnishing and rust.

“We want to see an alternative to utility bike storage, at home, in the workplace and in public places. With space so limited and the huge growth in cycling, people are having to ‘live’ with their bikes. The bicycle is a beautiful machine – we make it easier to live amongst them and to show them off with stunning design – led storage products”. explained the guys from Cactus Tongue. [via]

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