Cabin Knapphullet In Norway Constructed In Natural Rock Formation

Norwegian studio Lund Hagem designed Cabin Knapphullet, a beautiful Sandefjord seaside home surrounded by natural rock formations and dense vegetation.

The building is quite small, 30 m2, but vertically has three levels- the basement, the ground floor level and the roof. The architects wanted to maximize the use of natural shelter but also to provide a magnificent view of the sea. The way they achieved that is by creating a roof that can be easily accessed.

The Entrance To Cabin Knapphullet

Cabin Knapphullet is located on Sandefjord coastline in Norway.

The Exterior Of Cabin Knapphullet

This cabin has just 30 m2 and is constructed in natural rock formation.

The roof is made from concrete and can be accessed through a staircase that’s incorporated into the roof itself. It folds down to the ground and you can easily climb on it, to witness the beautiful panoramic view or simply to use the roof as a chilling area.

The Staircase Leading To The Roof Of Cabin Knapphullet

The roof can be accessed through a concrete staircase.

Cabin Knapphullet By Night

Even though it’s small, Cabin Knapphullet has a lot of glass that contributes to it being bright inside.

Thanks to all the glass, the cabin has plenty of natural light coming in. It features a concrete bench that extends from the exterior all the way inside the cabin. There’s also a suspended bed that can fit two adults, living space with a wood burning stove, and a bathroom.

Cabin Knapphullet Living Area

The living area.

Inside Cabin Knapphullet

Besides the living area, there’s a bathroom and a suspended bed that can fit two.

The concrete floor along with the wooden elements provide Cabin Knapphullet with cool tones. Woven oak strips are used for the ceiling and different wooden elements are a part of the walls and furnishings. A small courtyard is a great place for barbecuing.

Cabin Knapphullet Interior

The white concrete floor can be found inside as well as in the small courtyard outside. the cabin.

Cabin Knapphullet Bed

The ceiling features woven oak strips.

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