From Buster + Punch, a London design label which uses solid materials in their designs and creates elegant and unexpected interior products, comes the perfect alternative to incandescent and filament lights. Their light bulbs are called Buster Bulbs and they will make your living space brighter and cozier than ever. Not only do these light bulbs offer better lighting by using LED technology and are more cost effective, they are also designed in a way that will make your environment unique and more elegant.

Buster Bulb and other products

Apart from the Buster Bulb, Buster + Punch manufactures light sockets, dimmers, candle holders etc.

Buster + Punch relies on London’s fashion, music and subculture scenes in order to find inspiration for their designs which is evident from their unique approach to what they do. A light bulb isn’t something special to begin with and offers very limited space when it comes to doing something new and exciting with it, but when creative minds get on the job, then you get the Buster bulbs. These bulbs are inspired by the Edison filament lights because of the similar appearance of the centered resin light pipe. This design allows the light to diffuse from the sides and reflect to create a focused spotlight too. The teardrop glass shell is available in three colors: warm gold, smoked gray and bright crystal and any of these can be yours for $59.33. A bit to much for a light bulb? Well, you need to take into consideration that the Buster Bulb uses only 1/20th of the resources of a regular bulb and has a life expectancy of 10.000 hours so it all adds up.

The Buster Bulbs and many other lighting items can be purchased straight from the Buster + Punch shop and they will all nicely fit into your home. [via]

Warm gold Buster Bulb

The warm gold version of the Buster Bulb

Bright crystal Buster Bulb

The bright crystal version of the Buster Bulb

Smoked gray Buster Bulb

The smoked gray version of the Buster Bulb

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