Building a fire out in the open can be a messy, complicated and dangerous business – but we still need to do it from time to time on our camping trips and BBQ sessions, don’t we? Well, with Burnie Portable Campfire, you no longer need to search for perfect fireside spots, haul hefty portable gas stoves and fumble with branches, logs and matches to get the flames going: simply bring your compact campfire with you and enjoy the flames anywhere and anytime you feel like it, no fuss, char, hassle or danger attached. Sounds cool? Scroll down to find out more.

Burnie campfire log

Crafted from 100% alderwood following the ancient Nordic stump-burning method, Burnie has a wooden body coated by a circle of charcoal that lights by a single match and ignites evenly through and through until it burns down completely on its own or you decide to extinguish it. Built to provide optimum heat during burn-time and leave no ash, scorch marks or waste to clean up after a night spent by the fireside, Burnie is self-contained, sustainable and environment-friendly as it contains no hazardous chemicals and similar harmful substances and requires no lighter fluid to start the fire. The only bad thing, though, is that it’s made for a single use you you’ll need to get fresh Burnie supplies every time you decide to build a fire outdoors.

Burnie campfire

Thanks to the ingenious design, Burnie will cook, roast and bake heat up all your camping grubs on the fly as easy as ABC and as fast as lightning. In case you decide to grill your meats on the go with Burnie, you can expect this portable campfire to render a delicious smoky tang to your food and enrich your gustatory and olfactory camping experience with a new stack of appealing all-natural flavors.

Burnie portable campfire log

For your maximum convenience and ease of use, Burnie is available in two different sizes (the 3-pound medium version for 1.5 hour fire and the large 5.5-pound Burnie for 2.5 hours of fireside fun), and due to its highly compact and extremely portable built, it can be used whenever and wherever you feel like it – on fishing trips, camping adventures, hiking tours, beachside holiday fun, backyard BBQ session and tailgating outings. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Burnie today and make sure your personal portable fireplace is all safe, sound and ready for use the next time you decide to hit the road and explore the wild. [via]

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