BUILD Modular Shelving Units by Movisi (VIDEO)

Modular, multi-purpose and multi-functional shelving has been rapidly gaining on popularity due to its practicality and space-saving options. This is so true for the BUILD Shelving, created by British designers Jack Godfrey Wood and Tom Ballhatchet for furniture brand Movisi.

The BUILD Shelving is made of expanded polypropylene which Movisi claims to be completely harmless to your health. No glue, metal, or hazardous materials were used in its making. “BUILD is stylish, functional, 100% recyclable and actually safe enough to eat,” says Movisi’s founder Natasha Stojanovic.

Black BUILD Modular Shelving by Movisi

Another unique feature of the BUILD Shelving is that it allows you to create your own composition since it is made from detachable identical honey-comb like units (linked by triangular clips) which can also serve as seating, transport crates, storage boxes, room dividers or tables.

The shelving units are surprisingly easy to install. You don’t need any instructions or tools. They can be mounted on the wall, or used as a partition or stand independently. As your needs and requirements change over time, you can simply add or subtract units from the BUILD Shelving.

It is available in either black or white finish (which can be mixed and matched), closed or open. Each BUILD unit is incredibly light since it weighs only 750 grams (or 1.5 lbs). Additionally, they are waterproof and chemical-resistant and if you happen to spill something on the units, just wipe them with a wet cloth. watch video below

BUILD Modular Shelving by Movisi used as bookshelves

BUILD Modular Shelving by Movisi in the living room on the wall

Rear view of the connections between BUILD Modular Shelving pieces by Movisi

BUILD Modular Shelving by Movisi used to store paperwork

BUILD Modular Shelving by Movisi 1

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