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If you’re planning to go camping, having proper equipment is key. Of course, there are many different things you should pack, from all the tent equipment, sleeping bags, gadgets and of course, tools. One of those necessary tools is definitely Buckster Bow Saw.

With the Buckster Bow Saw you will cut firewood without hassle. Besides using it for outdoor activities, it’s also one of those things that are useful to have in the garage. What is great about the design is that you can easily pack it since it doesn’t take much space. In fact, it collapses down to 19 inches x 1.4 inches. When you collapse it, the saw looks like a cylindrical tube that can fit into a backpack. It’s also a safe way to store it because sharp edges aren’t revealed.

Blade Of Buckster Bow Saw And It Packed

Buckster Bow Saw can be easily collapsed to 19 inches x 1.4 inches.

Buckster Bow Saw features an all aluminum frame and has a stainless steel tensioning system. There’s also a special insulating rubber handle for a steady and comfortable grip. It assembles quickly and when you’re done with it, simply collapse it. An important thing to mention is that this saw can cut logs up to 13 inches in diameter. You can always get extra blades when you need them. With just 1.3 lbs, Buckster Bow Saw is very lightweight as well.

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