When traveling, picknicking or camping, it’s important to bring along all vital gear and still manage to keep the backpack as minimal as possible. To help you do that, well-known American knife manufacturer Buck Knives has come up with a unique compact utensil called Travelmate Kit. Compared to most other camping utensils out there, the Travelmate Kit isn’t just another regular all-in-one cutlery set – and here’s why.

Designed to make your meals on the trail as convenient and as simple to prepare as possible, the Buck 941 Travelmate Kit features a wide flexible-blade knife made from 410HC stainless steel with a Chocolate Brown post-consumer recycled Paperstone handle and serrated 4.87-inch edge, which will come in handy either when spreading butter, jam or cream cheese or slicing and chopping meats, snacks and veggies. Both the blade and the handle are 100% dishwasher safe so after use, simply clean your Travelmate (in the dish-wash or manually, whatever suits you best) and pack it away in its antimicrobial injection-molded sheath to keep it bacteria-free until you next need it.

Apart from the wide-blade knife, the sheath also houses a multi-purpose four-prong fork made from stainless steel with a built-in bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver and barbecue grill scraper. In other words, with the Buck Travelmate Kit, you get an entire kitchen set in a single compact and lightweight unit – now, that’s some tough utility in such a tiny gizmo, ain’t it? Measuring a total of 9.87 inches, the space-saving Travelmate Kit comes with a forever warranty and it’s super-resistant to both wear and corrosion, so make sure you have it safely packed before you set out on your next outdoor adventure.

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