Before you set out on your next outdoor adventure, make sure you get your paws on some reliable multifunctional gear to minimize your luggage weight. Don’t know where and what to look for? Try Brunton Lightwave Amp for size: versatile, entertaining and super-safe, this cool gadget packs all the critical bits that you may need when waging war against wilderness and whimsical elements.

Inside this modestly-sized device, Brunton managed to cram a bunch of handy features like a 400-lumen LED light, RGB color-capable illumination, SOS lighting features, integrated speaker system, B-SYNC app-operated music streaming and lighting controls (accessible through Bluetooth connection) and a rechargeable 10,000 mAh battery with three USB slots to top up your precious electronics on the fly. This means you’ll be able to conjure a genuine lightshow in the middle of nowhere while juicing up your smartphone and listening to your favorite band at the same time, which is far more functionality-wise than any similar product out there can offer.

IPX4-rated for water resistance, Lightwave Amp is all the electronic multitool you’ll ever need to round off your camping trips in style and glamour, so make sure you check it out before you start packing your bags for the next adventure. [via]

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