We have found another ingenious product for all of you, fortunate people out there who will be hitting the slopes this winter, as well as for all of the people that spend a lot of time outdoors in freezing temperatures. It’s Brunton Heat-Sync USB Powered Heating System. This is yet another great combination of the latest technology and practicality at affordable price. Created from very durable and yet quite comfortable materials, this heating system will successfully fight cold on those winter days when you are out and about.

Brunton Heat-Sync USB Powered Heating System is essentially a portable warming device that is powered by a 5V/2.1AMP USB power bank which you will have to buy separately. With an appropriate battery and depending on the temperature setting, you can use the device from four to sixteen hours. The heater can be used in combination with any power device produced by Brunton. The highest temperature that the Heat-Sync can reach is an impressive 131°F (or 55°C). The device also has three temperature settings – low, medium and high so you can easily adjust the desired level of warmth.

Brunton Heat-Synch usb powered heating system

Brunton Heat-Sync USB Powered Heating System is a one-size-fits-all thanks to its adjustable straps and, once you put it on, it will rest comfortably against a shirt or a jacket. The padded materials that the device is made of are heavy-duty and will fight the biting cold effortlessly. Heat-Sync is also lightweight since it weighs only 8.6 ounces (or 244 grams) while its overall dimensions are 12” x 16.5” (30.5 x 47cm).

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