When you’re out braving the wild and seizing the day as hard as you can, extra juice for your beloved GoPro cameras and other tech will always come in handy. And though the range of chargers on offer is constantly increasing, you may just want to get yourself one reliable power bank that packs sufficient juice supply to replace multiple other energy sources and still guarantee a lifetime of trustworthy service. That’s why the famous camera gear manufacturer GoPro has come up with a perfect solution for additional juice on the go – with Brunton All Day GoPro 3+ Power Pack, you will never run out of energy at critical times when you’re about to capture that amazing stunt of yours on camera.

Designed to extend the battery life of Hero3+ cameras by an incredible four times the regular run-time as listed in the specs, this little energy brick comes in a rugged water-proof (IPX5-Rated) case sizing 6.7 x 5.6 x 4.5 centimeters with extremely durable shock-proof Adventure armor that can stand a wide range of unfavorable weather conditions and some tough off-road love without budging an inch. Plus, All Day Power Pack can also deliver up to three full smartphone charges and even top up your tablet on the fly if needed via the port found behind the sealed side-access door, which may come in useful in case you forget your regular AC charger when setting out on an outdoor adventure.

The power brick pairs with your cameras via the 3.7v output port (1 amp) and the 5v port (2.1 amp) is used to connect to a standard USB slot, while regular Micro USB is used as input. Weighing as few as 116.5 grams, Brunton Power Pack comes with a serious 4000mAh Lithium Polymer battery and an included 3-in-1 adapter cable (Micro USB, Lightning, 30-Pin to USB) so make sure you have it packed next to your GoPro Hero 3+ before you hit the road next time.

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GoPro 3+ power pack

GoPro power pack

Brunton All-Day GoPro 3+ power pack

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