Breitling has a knack for making spectacular chronographs and they’re not intending to relinquish this reputation. This is precisely why every next Breitling chronograph has that something which sets it apart from the rest. The Breitling Superocean M2000 Chronograph is the latest and best when it comes to water resistance and craftsmanship. The Superocean is equipped with a 46 mm steel case with a screw-in back, a 4-mm thick, glare resistant, cambered sapphire crystal, as well as a screw-locked double-gasketed crown. Like most modern Breitling chronographs, the Superocean has the SuperQuartz technology, which enables thermocompensated electronic quartz movement. This makes Breitling chronographs ten times more accurate than chronographs with regular quartz movement.

Superocean M2000

The Superocean has no buttons, instead it has magnetic pushpieces

All of this is pretty great in all honesty, but these features are not what make the Superocean special, and it is special. As it was geared towards divers, chronograph was made capable of withstanding depths up to 2000 meters. This is the only timepiece capable of such a feat. When high-depth chronographs are made, a lot of troubles occur due to the necessity of using buttons in their design as they are, essentially, weak spots through which water can seep in. Breitling abandoned this idea and used magnetic pushpieces so you can use the controls of the Superocean. This feature makes sure that not a single drop of water can compromise the delicate mechanism.

Superocean M2000

A decompression valve was added to this already amazing chronograph to make it a divers best friend

Breitling has given much thought to this chronograph and added a decompression valve which is useful for releasing any amount of helium that might have seeped inside while visiting a decompression chamber on a mixed gas dive. Without this feature your very cool and expensive watch would simply shatter to pieces. The Superocean offer several strap options: a leather, Diver Pro, Ocean Racer, or Professional III strap.

Superocean M2000 limited edition

This chronograph is available in a limited Blacksteel edition

Breitling’s Superocean M2000 is available in polished steel and a limited Blacksteel edition which will be available in 250 units. Good to know if you would like that one instead of the regular model and can actually afford one, because Breitling’s chronographs are notoriously expensive. As much as we appreciate the boundaries the fellas at Breitling push with their amazing products, dishing out $3.575 is not something a lot of us can do. Price tag aside, The Superocean truly is a one of a kind chronograph and everybody who opts for the purchase of one should have no qualms about it. [via]

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