Breaking Bad Coffee Shop In Brooklyn

Here’s some great news for all visiting or living in Brooklyn. There will be a Breaking Bad– inspired coffee shop opening in the neighborhood this summer. Walter’s Coffee Roastery was first opened in Istanbul and it’s the first coffee laboratory that specializes in daily roasted coffee.

This coffee shop will be located at a 2,100-square-foot location at Williamsburg’s Wythe Avenue by North 8th Street. “No one in 2016 is working in offices anymore. We want people to feel comfortable sitting and working as long as they want.” said Deniz Kosan, the founder of Walter’s Coffee Roastery.

Coffee From Walter's Coffee Roastery

Walter’s Coffee Roastery will be opened in Brooklyn this summer.

The interior of Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop

The first one was opened in Istanbul and it’s also inspired by Breaking Bad.

According to Kosan, it’s really hard to find a place that has good, comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, and power outlets. So besides good coffee, the goal is to create a place where people can comfortably work from.

Walter's Coffee Rosatery Istanbul

The idea was to open a space where people can come, enjoy good coffee, stay as long as they want and work comfortably from it.

The Bar In Walter's Coffee Roastery Istanbul

This coffee shop is devoted to using chemistry to make a good cup of coffee.

Just like Walter White, this coffee shop respects chemistry. It’s not Breaking Bad themed but inspired by it so there will be just hints of the TV show. Precision is very important when it comes to making coffee, the same as it is for meth. In fact, the entire concept comes from a scene in the show where Walter White and his assistant Gail talk about the chemistry of the perfect cup. watch video below

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