When choosing the right trimmer or face shaver, you can’t get just any kind of trimmer. Depending on the length of your beard, or whether you want to have a beard at all, you can choose from a wide variety of trimmers. These trimmers are usually specific for a certain length of facial hair and you can go for either trimming or complete shaving. Unless you try out the Braun Cruzer 6 Face Shaver, a face shaver, trimmer, and beard styler. Braun is well known for high quality multi-functional products and these qualities were kept in mind when the Cruzer 6 Face was designed. With a face shaver, two different trimmers, and removable hair combs for all of them, there is no beard in the world Cruzer 6 Face won’t be able to trim.

Braun Cruzer 6 Face versatility

The Braun Cruzer 6 Face is the most versatile face shaver yet

Let’s start with the regular face shaver. This is the basic use of Cruzer 6 Face and you can use it for both dry and wet shaving. With the removable hair comb, you can turn the shaver into a trimmer for shorter beards. But, what makes the Cruzer 6 Face special are the two additional trimmers. Both of them are located on the front side of the device and in order to use the one you want, you just have to rotate the trimmer for 180 degrees, push it forward, and off you go.

Braun Cruzer 6 Face shaver and combs

The Braun Cruzer 6 Face has three removable hair combs

The wide trimmer can be used for shaping your beard into a style of your preference but shines when you have to trim a longer beard. This was made possible with its specific removable hair comb. Much like the comb used for the Braun Cruzer 5 Beard, the wide trimmer comb has four adjustable lengths so you can trim your beard perfectly. As for the narrow trimmer, it can also be used for shaping your beard, but it offers a lot more precision. It’s perfect for your sideburns and more detailed work. The comb for this trimmer can be used for trimming longer beards, but does not have adjustable lengths.

Braun Cruzer 6 Face combs

Depending on the style of your beard, these three combs will help you maintain it

Because this is a Braun, you can guess that the maintenance is a breeze. Either use the included brush or run it under warm water and all of the hairs will be gone in no time. The face shaver part is completely removable so no hairs will be left inside while you rinse it. Braun Cruzer 6 Face is one of the most versatile face shavers and trimmers out there, and it’s perfect for guys who like to shift between a beard and a clean shave.

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Braun Cruzer 6 Face maintenance

In order to clean the Braun Cruzer 6 Face simply rinse it warm water

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