Have you been working out but you don’t seem to get any results? We’ve all been there; we produce buckets of sweat and yet we see nothing or very little happening with our body. This can be soul crushing considering how much time, effort and money you invest in sculpting it. Don’t worry! There is a solution that has hit the market recently which has been taking fitness to the next (more efficient) level.

It is called the Bosu Balance Trainer.

Bosu Balance Trainer shape

Bosu’s unique shape gives it the versatility and usefulness it has

The Bosu Balance Trainer might not look like much but you won’t believe how much you could be achieved with it. The Bosu Balance Trainer cleverly combines all the facets of fitness into one single device by giving you extreme cardiovascular exercise, toning, flexibility, strength and balance training. The Trainer consists of an inflated rubber dome that’s attached to a rigid platform.

Bosu Balance Trainer types of exercise

The Bosu Balance Trainer can be used for a variety of exercises, from cardiovascular training to strength and balance training

By the way, BOSU is an acronym for ‘Both Sides Utilized’ and that’s exactly what it does. By using the trainer dome side up you have a dynamic, unstable surface that allows you to learn movement control while gaining strength and still remain stable on the ground. By using it dome side down, you have the added challenge of complete instability during exercise that improves your overall balance skills and a lot of strength while doing exercises such as push-ups. Bosu is made in the USA with a weight rating of 300lb.

Bosu Balance Trainer both sides utilized

The Bosu can be used both with the dome side up and down

Rated 4 & 1/2 stars by Amazon customers, this is what one of them had to say about the Bosu Balance Trainer, “Wow, it’s like skiiing… Those who ski know you utilize muscles you can’t in any other way via the movements that aren’t the “norm”. I work out daily yet the first time I used the Bosu the next day I felt that I had one great workout with muscles aching (in a good way) that I never had used before.”

Get it from Amazon here.

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