The following product is not only highly useful during the season that we (in the northern hemisphere) are currently enjoying or putting up with, depending on your preference, but is also an indispensable tool in any home. The shovels that we are featuring today are special in many ways. They are ergonomic, innovative, lightweight and comfortable to use. We are talking about Bosse Shovels. The manufacturer – Bosse Tools – claims that these are “the 21st century shovels”. They are hoping “to reinvent the traditional shovels” and save you a lot of time and effort on shovelling dirt, mud and snow. No more blisters and sore backs, arms and wrists.

Ergonomic Bosse shovels

Let’s take a closer look at the innovative features of Bosse Shovels. Firstly, there is a 360° rotating die cast aluminum handle which makes shoveling substantially easier compared to the ordinary shovel. Bosse Shovel has an incredible sixteen locking positions while the main handle can be adapted for absolute comfort. Additionally, there are reinforced fiberglass shafts and ASA plastic grips. The handles are produced by a company in Southern California which is one of the leaders in additive manufacturing services while the shafts and shovel heads are produced by a renowned hardware tool company.

Bosse shovels

Bosse Shovels are available in three models – Round Point Shovel, Flat Head Shovel and Snow / Scoop Shovel. The round point shovel is a heavy-duty tool, perfect for digging and removing various kinds of materials, the flat head is recommended for transferring materials and smoothing surfaces, and the purpose of the snow / scoop shovel is, well, self-explanatory.

By the way, the brainiac behind this brilliant product – 24-year old Stephen Walden (the founder of Bosse Tools) – has successfully managed to raise the funds for the Bosse shovel project on Kickstarter and you can now pre-order the shovels via Bosse Tool’s official site.

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