Looking for an ultra-compact, smart-looking and high-performing Bluetooth speaker? Check out the SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth speaker by the US-based Bose company which specializes in audio equipment. With its miniature size, cool design and excellent performance, SoundLink Mini will certainly become you best on-the-go audio companion.

With the weight at as few as 1.5 pounds, the SoundLink Mini bluetooth speaker is tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, sizing some 2×7.1×2.3 inches. However, don’t be too quick to underestimate its performance over its miniature dimensions – thanks to the most up-to-date proprietary technologies and an innovative driver configuration, the SoundLink Mini delivers natural full-range listening experience in an ultra-compact package. The speaker pairs wirelessly with your smartphone, iPad, tablet and other Bluetooth-enabled devices within the range of about 30 feet and can remember up to six recently used devices so re-connection is even simpler.

Bose Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker

Design-wise, the SoundLink Mini is a synonym for sleek simplicity, featuring a smart and durable single-piece aluminum casing holding the two small drivers and front and back radiators. The speaker has power and volume buttons, allowing you to control all other speaker functions from your Bluetooth-enabled device.

Buttons of the Bose Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker

In case you want to additionally protect the speaker’s aluminum body from scratches or abrasions or just customize the appearance of your SoundLink Mini to match your personal style, you may want to check out the separately sold soft protective covers available in a variety of colors, as well as the producer’s range of carrying cases.

The SoundLink Mini runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers up to seven hours of playtime on a single three-hour charge, and the included charging cradle also lets you listen to your tracklist while you’re charging the battery. The package includes the SoundLink Minis speaker, the charging cradle and wall charger which can be plugged either into the cradle or directly into the speaker. The auxiliary port lets you connect other audio sources, such as an MP3 player, while the USB port allows for quick software updates to ensure Bluetooth-device compatibility.

Check it out – the elegant, compact and powerful Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth speaker lets you enjoy your music everywhere you go.

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Bose Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker

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