Bosch Power Box | A Booming Jobsite Radio And Charger


Bosch has always been known for their exceptional quality when it comes to tools. However, the Bosch Power Box Jobsite Radio and Charger, is something extremely unique. Even by our standards.

Designed to be rugged and used in the worksite, the Bosch Power Box isn’t only a radio but it can charge your phone and even power your tools.

Starting off with the design, the Bosch Power Box, is typically Bosch-built to survive the harshest of conditions. The Power Box is both weather and dust resistant and is encased in an aluminum/rubber roll cage which will protect it from bumps and falls. Check out the product video below.

Bosch Power Box in the work place

The aluminum and rubber roll cage gives the Bosch Power Box an unprecedented level of safety which makes it almost impervious to any falls and bumps.

It also features 4-way speakers and a built-in subwoofer that delivers an exceptional 360-degree enriched stereo experience. Considering that these speakers can pump out 26 watts, it’s powerful enough to drown out power tools, and the work environment, so that you can be listening to your favorite beats all day long.

Bosch Power Box charging a camera and a phone

Apart from blasting out 360-degree enriched stereo from 4 way speakers, that can drown out any power tools, it can also charge your mobile devices via the 12V DC outlet and USB ports.

The Power Box was designed for excellent connectivity as well, and features Bluetooth so that you can stream music straight from your smartphone. It also has an advanced FM and AM radio that can accompany 20 FM presets and 10 AM presets. It also has an SD port, a USB port and two auxillary output ports.

Bosch Power Box view of the power outlets

The 18V li-ion battery also has enough to juice to power up 4 power tools simultaneously via the integrated power outlets.

However, it isn’t just a radio since it’s 18V lithium ion batteries can allow you to charge your phone, cordless tools and, if need be, it features 4-way power outlets that can be used to power 4 different power tools simultaneously. This keeps you from having to run an extension lead but it can also be plugged into a 120V outlet for juice.

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