Boreal Diablo Climbing Shoe


There are few sports as exhilarating as rock climbing. Some people, such as ourselves, still need the ropes, and others, well, we all think it’s a bit crazy to free climb, but the rush must be like no other. To accompany you though, you’re definitely going to need some top-notch climbing shoes. Introducing the Boreal Diablo Climbing Shoes.

Designed for the amateur and professional alike, the Diablo are exactly what you need to take on that mountain face.

Front view of the Boreal Diablo Climbing Shoe

The Diablo features a unlined split leather design that has been reinforced with Lorica.

Built for intermediate climbs, Diablo is a technical shoe that was engineered to help you climb. It features an unlined split leather upper that stretches for a comfort fit. It also comes with a moderate downturn and the asymmetry balances your comfort and performance.

Top and bottom view of the Boreal Diablo Climbing Shoe

The moderate downturn also gives your foot the perfect angle that it needs to climb at.

It also comes with a soft midsole that offers superb stiffness when needed, while delivering comfort. As for the grip, the FS Quattro rubber sole gives you excellent friction on all of those small edges. It also comes with a hook and loops closure system.

Get it from Backcountry here.

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