The company from Los Angeles called Boomphones, made the revolutionary headphones dubbed Phantom. They came up with an awesome idea of making the headphones with many perks. The main advantage of these headphones, and the thing that makes them so innovative, is the possibility of turning them into real speakers with just one push of a button.

Phantom is designed with four speakers. Two are on the inside, and they serve to listen to the music in a private setting, just like with any other headphones, but the other two are on the outside, and they allow you to share your music with others, and use the headphones as speakers.

These headphones also allow you to make or answer the calls, even in the “boombox mode” – the mode when the external speakers are blasting – so you can use them as a speakerphone. The Phantom can be used as a portable amp as well. Plug the headphones into your guitar, computer, beat machine, or whatever you like, and there you go.

Here is another thing that DJs will love – they are delivered with a 6.3 mm jack, so you can connect them to your equipment. Also, there are two audio cables included, featuring a volume control, push-to-talk button, and a microphone. Phantom is powered by a very durable built-in lithium battery that is charged via mini-USB. It is said that it can last for 5 hours in the “boombox” mode, and about 10 hours when used internally.

Boomphones phantom headphones

The design is really mind-blowing. The “boombox mode” is activated by pushing the bomb-shaped button. The LED lights on the sides indicate which mode is on. The red light is for the “boombox”, whereas the white one shows that you are using them as closed headphones. Phantom comes in various colors, such as matte black, polished white, red, green, blue and pink.

The Boomphone Phantom’s outstanding cans are really comfortable to wear, they have an adjustable head strap, they sit on ears perfectly and the unwanted ambient sounds are greatly reduced. The sound they provide is excellent when you use them as headphones, but it could be better when you use them as speakers. At least the external speakers are as loud as the common computer speakers. Speaking of sound, there is an amplified mode, which empowers bass and treble and it gives extra boost to the already superb sound.

If you are in need of something like this, you should not doubt whether the Phantom is worth buying or not. It is a very versatile product that has managed to put together many different aspects that were set apart for a long time.

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Boomphones phantom headphones

Boomphones phantom headphones with boombox

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