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Everybody experiences trouble with arranging furniture in their living or work place at some point in time. This happens more often to people whose living and work place is somewhat limited and enjoy having friends over. It is because of this reason that many talented designers are coming up with various ways to tackle this problem. A couch which transforms into a king size bed, a bookshelf which can be turned into a bed, a coffee table which turns into a dining table; you think you have seen it all. However, you have seen nothing until you take a look at Bookniture, a book which turns into multi-purpose furniture.


Mike Mak, a Hong Kong based designer, know all to well the problems which arrive with living in cramped places as he comes from one of the most densely populated cities in the world. After experiencing firsthand the strength of the structure he later incorporated into his design, he had the idea of creating a piece of multi-purpose furniture which, when stored, takes up almost no space at all. The structure which is referred here is the honeycomb structure, a simple and extremely useful design.

Bookniture furniture in a book

In fact, similar designs have been used in the past, but in this case it was brought to an entirely different level. This piece of furniture takes the appearance of a regular book, but when unfolded it reveals the aforementioned honeycomb structure. This structure allows Bookniture to support more than 100 times its own weight. Many of you might think that the material must be quite strong. Although it is strong among similar materials, kraft paper is far from being the strongest material there is, which further shows the brilliance of this design. However, it mustn’t be allowed to sell this material short as it has many other notable qualities. This material is fully recyclable and has an enormous resistance to moisture.

Bookniture on Kickstarter

If your friends happen to come over, grab your Bookniture from the shelf and unfold it. The high grade neodymium magnets in the covers will hold it in place and the felt tops, which you will receive along with Bookniture, will make it very comfortable to sit on. If seating arrangements aren’t the issue, Bookniture can be used as a coffee table and nightstand. If this isn’t enough for you, stack several pieces on top of each other to to get a desk. It is not called a multi-purpose furniture for nothing. Right now, there are two color variants of Bookniture: field brown and leather black, which help it look natural and better fit in your living space.


If your interest has been piqued and want to own this well-designed, multi-functional piece of furniture, you can help by backing this project on Kickstarter in order for it to hit mass production. Do not hesitate to do so as Bookniture will definitely find its place in your home with all the perks it comes with. watch video below

Bookniture in a book

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