Notebooking and journaling is not really a man’s thing, right? It’s too cutesy and girly, isn’t it? Well, allow us to convince you otherwise. Let’s say that you are an illustrator, or a writer, or a sketcher, or an avid fisherman / sailor / diver and you like to keep logs of your accomplishments, or a student who needs to record the results of his field work, or just a person who likes to jog his thoughts down. To do any of the aforementioned you need a notebook and, boy, do we have a great one for you. It is called Book Block and it is a fully customizable notebook designed by Mustard Design Agency.

Book Block design

The best thing about Book Block is that you are the designer of your notebook and you get to decide how will it look

The team at the agency were so eager to get as many people as possible to experience this innovative notebook and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to accomplish this. What is so innovative, out-of-ordinary, and great about this notebook? You are in the designer chair and you make it look whichever and however way you want it to look. You design the cover, and you choose the color of the elastic and ribbon and paper quality.

Book Block print quality

All notebook covers are printed in 2400 x 2400 dpi which gives the print excellent quality

Whatever you creative mind can conjure up as the notebook’s cover, Mustard Design Agency can print it out. And in order to give you plenty of space to illustrate your idea, the designers have made Book Block’s cover larger than usual – European A5 size (21 x 15cm / 8.25”x 6”). There is a superb quality of the paper, thanks to Monsieur Notebook Company, which has a very refined feel. Also, the notebook covers are printed in 2400 x 2400 dpi with crisp photographic quality.

Book Block additional options

Apart from choosing the design of the cover, you get to choose from five top quality paper stocks for your notebook

You can pick from five top quality paper stocks – Ivory Ruled (90gsm /192 pages), Ivory Plain (90gsm / 192 pages), Ivory Dot Grid (90gsm / 192 pages), Cartridge Sketch (140gsm / 96 pages) and Fountain White (100gsm / 192 pages). With all the creative possibilities Book Block offers, just imagine what a wonderful and unique gift it could make!

Support the Book Block project here.

Check out promo video about Book Block below.

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