Bonny Plant Lamp – A Solar Powered Plant Lamp by Chun Jiang Yao

One might wonder what is the point of having a plant-incorporated lamp in your home, but as Chun Jiang Yao, who designed the Bonny Plant Lamp (known also as the Fresh Lamp) for Yanko Design, puts it – “The Fresh Lamp is a nice way to integrate lamps, plant care and unique décor”.

After all, we do live in the 21st century, and table lamps are simply not what they used to be. During the day, the Bonny Plant Lamp is powered by solar energy, and, come night, it will automatically turn on and work in growing mode. In case you need to use it to read or work, you can choose the full-energy mode which will sufficiently enhance the lamp’s brightness.

And what about the plant that is an integral part of the Bonny Lamp? Well, the designer claims that this LED lamp provides “a safe haven for plants”, as it helps to water and fertilize them optimally.

So, if you fancy having a petite indoor garden and a lamp all rolled into one, the Bonny Plant Lamp is the one for you. [via]

Bonny Lamp, Fresh LED Lamp by Chun Jiang Yao on Jebiga

Bonny Lamp, Fresh LED Lamp by Chun Jiang Yao on Jebiga

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