BomBoard – Portable Action Watercraft | By John West


If you’re in constant search for action and adventure, you’ll love the BomBoard, the world’s first portable action watercraft with a powerful 450cc engine. This one of a kind modular, high-performance, low-weight personal watercraft is about to make a big commotion in the water sports arena. A price tag of only $3,995 allows everyone to experience the ultimate excitement and a sense of freedom.

**See the Indiegogo campaign page here for special, limited-time-only pricing

The BomBoard is both extremely powerful and extremely practical as it can be disassembled for easy storage and transportation. It can easily fit in your garage, basement or shed. Separated into four transportable modules, it can be loaded into the trunk of your car and you can set off in search of adventure.

BomBoard - Portable Action Watercraft, disassembled into four modules, on a white background.

The BomBoard can be assembled or disassembled in just 60 seconds.

What makes the experience of riding a BomBoard so thrilling is the maximum speed of 45 mph and great maneuverability. There are three possible riding positions: sitting, standing, and kneeling. Try all three and explore all the abilities of this innovative action watercraft. Enjoy flying just inches above the water surface at the speed of 45 mph. Then, as you’re leaning to make a turn, the watercraft will react instantly to sync with your body movement and you’ll cut the water perfectly on every turn. If you come up with some new moves, you might even get a maneuver named after you! How cool would that be?

A man riding a BomBoard in standing position.

Try it out in all three positions and at maximum speed for the biggest thrill you’ve ever experienced.

The high-performance of this action watercraft is ensured with a 45 HP fuel injected motor, a powerful jet pump, and a lightweight hull that supports three riding positions. The 3-gallon gas tank ensures 2 hours of aggressive riding or up to 4 hours of less intensive usage. By all means, try it out aggressively, it’s designed for excitement and thrills! And don’t even worry about how much time you’ll need to assemble it and get riding once you get to your destination. The manufacturers say that thanks to the BomBoard’s simplicity and light weight, combined with your excitement to try it out, you’ll be cutting the waves in just a minute after arriving at your destination. When you’re done, simply disassemble it and load it into your car.

BomBoard - Portable Action Watercraft in shallow water.

The 450 cc engine and a maximum speed of 45 mph will have you flowing just inches above the water.

To sum up why this personal action watercraft is a must-have for all the enthusiasts and adventurers, here are BomBoard’s awesome advantages:

  • safe and durable
  • easy to store and transport
  • can be (dis)assembled in under 60 seconds
  • the maximum speed of 45 mph
  • powerful 450 cc engine
  • 2-4 hours of ride time
  • 3 riding positions and easy maneuvering
  • extremely fun
  • weighs only 165 lbs.
  • affordable

**See the Indiegogo campaign page here for special, limited-time-only pricing

BomBoard - Portable Action Watercraft, side view, on a white background

The light weight of just 165 lbs. and the low cost make this personal action watercraft unique in its category.

Check out all the features in the video below:

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